Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sept 18- 24

     This week nothing too exciting happened.  We met with the cardiologist who said everything is looking good.  Other than that Scarlett and I did our normal hanging out during the day.  She is gaining weight well and is up to about 8.5 lbs!  I cannot believe that she is almost two months old already!!! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sept 11- Sept 17

     So like I mentioned in the last post the 10th was my first day back at the spa.  I had a hard time leaving my precious Scarlett, but it was nice leaving her with her Daddy instead of having to leave her at a daycare.  As far as Daddy was concerned, he said it was a frustrating day for him.  It will take some time for him and Scarlett to get into their own groove while Mommy is away, but I think he's doing a wonderful job!!!  As for the rest of this week, all doctor appts. went well and everything is still looking good!  This week she is up to 8 lbs. 2oz.!  Every day she is starting to do more!  She now coos and babbles to herself/ anyone who will listen when she is awake and alert!  I love to hear her little voice as she tries to communicate with us!  She is also becoming more smiley!  (Which of course I also LOVE!!!)  Unfortunately I have not been able to catch her sweet smile on camera yet, but rest assured that as soon as I do it will be on here for everyone to see!     

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sept 3- Sept 9

     This week was a good week.  Scarlett and I (Mommy) stayed home most of the week and just snuggled, ate and slept.  This week Scarlett saw her cardiologist, and everything is looking/ sounding good!  She is up to 7 lbs. 13.3 oz.  I cannot believe how big she looks!  This weekend will be Daddy's first weekend to have Scarlett all to himself while I go back to work.  Saturday should be interesting!  I will keep you posted!!!  :o)

Friday, September 2, 2011

This Week (August 28- Sept 2)

     This week Scarlett and I stayed home most of the week!  We of course had our weekly Doctor's appointment and our weekly in home nurse visit.  This week we saw the cardiologist.  Scarlett's EKG was a little abnormal so the cardiologist had her get an echo.  The echo showed that everything is functioning properly and all is well!  She has gained weight, almost a pound and is now up to 7lbs and 8oz!  Our little girl is getting so big!!!