Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Scarlett- Nine Months Old!

Scarlett playing under the table. 

Lookin' out the window

Cool Kid


I Love that little face!!! ADORABLE!

Yay! we are at the park!

Again, the park is SOOOOOOOOO FUN!

More SWINGS!!!!

Precious little girl!


Can you believe I'm already 9 months old?!

So, it has been TOO LONG since our last post!  My apologies!  We have been extremely busy and since the weather is nice Scarlett likes to be outside as much as possible!  Let's see, a lot has happened since my last post.  Our little girl is getting so big.  She is definitely mobile!  Crawling all over and walking along furniture are among her new tricks that she loves to practice ALL DAY!  She is a very busy little girl!  She also likes to dance which is adorable.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to catch too much of that on video yet.  Once she discovers the camera all the dancing stops.  She has her bottom two teeth, which you have all seen in the pictures, but she is now working on two top teeth as well.  I can't wait for these teeth to come in because they are not the two front teeth.  They are the two next to the front teeth so once they come in Scarlett is going to look like a little vampire! (Pictures will come as soon as I can get them!!!)  Sorry again that this update has taken so long.  I will try and get better about keeping everyone updated!  We will see Scarlett's cardiologist tomorrow and she will have a sedated echo some time this month, so I will keep everyone posted on how those appointments go!