Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Scarlett's First Christmas in Pictures

Scarlett in her "bumbo seat" Christmas Eve, she is waiting so patiently for Christmas morning!

Our little Christmas Tree on Christmas morning before present time!

Of course I'm Santa's Favorite!

Scarlett with all her presents pre-opening

Post opening, look at all that good stuff!!!

Scarlett and Mommy in our matching aprons that Grandma made for us!

Scarlett helping Mommy make Christmas dinner, her little apron is too cute!  Thanks Grandma!

Scarlett's First Christmas!!!

    Sorry it has taken so long, but here is how our Christmas went...

    We had a great first Christmas with Scarlett.  We of course started the morning out by opening all of Scarlett's presents!  She of course didn't care too much about the actual opening of the presents, but she did get excited once each toy was revealed to her from behind the wrapping paper.  After opening the presents Scarlett and I headed off to the kitchen to start making our Christmas dinner.  We had a roasted chicken with carrots and mashed potatoes!  While the chicken cooked we took a family Christmas nap.  Everyone was worn out from all the excitement of opening presents!!!  After we woke up I finished preparing the meal and we sat down to eat.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing/ taking another nap, and just spending a good day together as a family!  We are so blessed to have our precious Scarlett with us this year!  It was definitely our best Christmas yet!

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!!

(Pictures to follow, right now the website will not let me add them!!!)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

What a year, what a week, what a day. Our family is one little Scarlett Rose sweeter this year! This is Mommy and Daddy's most special Christmas yet. Love you Star!!!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dec. 5 - Dec. 11, 2011

     This week was a good week.  Scarlett is doing very well eating and had gained 6 ounces in 7 days!  She is now just above 11 pounds.  The doctors are very happy with her progress. Since they are so happy we get to have a little break.  We don't have any  appointments this week, which will be the first whole week we have not seen a doctor or home nurse. Other than that we are also looking forward to this week because Grammi and Grampi are coming into town to visit.  Scarlett can't wait to spend some good snuggle time with them!  

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Getting back in the groove!

 Scarlett has started to roll to try and get her toys! 
It's very cute, she's pretty persistent about it!

Clean Baby!  Oh how we LOVE bath time!
Scarlett in her church dress!  It's very festive!

Scarlett helping Mommy bake some cookies.  She was very curious about the mixer, but such a great sous chef!

    Other then what you see in the pictures above, this week was spent getting back to normal.  Scarlett had been off schedule since her hospital stay, she had gotten used to being woken up every couple hours to get vitals checked and what-not.  Anyway, since we have been home we have seen both the cardiologist and the pediatrician.  Everyone says she is looking good.  The cardiologist had an echo done this past week to make sure that there wasn't any fluid around her heart from the surgery.  All looked well and she said the function looked really good too!  The only concern both doctors have is about her weight, so pray that our little munchkin starts packing on the pounds!  Too bad she can't help eat those cookies!  :o)