Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lots of pictures and a quick update!

Scarlett 13 months Old
AHHHH, I'm an elephant!
All ready to trick or treat
Sometimes an elephant just wants to play in the leaves!
Seriously Mom, enough with the pictures!
Scarlett 15 Months!
What BEAUTIFUL blue eyes!

Scarlett 16 Months
Yay for CHRISTMAS!!!
Oh, I just love these lights!!!

Sneaking a touch of the lights!

Uh oh they see me!
Such pretty lights!
So, I have done it again!  I went much longer then I wanted to before posting.  We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  We had a very relaxing Thanksgiving at home.  It was very nice.  Just Scarlett, Mommy, and Daddy!  Since the last post there hasn't been too much going on.  Still settling in to the new house, but pretty much there. (aside from a couple boxes I stashed in a closet so I didn't have to acknowledge them!) I will get to them eventually ;o)  The weather has been unseasonably warm so Scarlett and I have been playing outside, which is why there haven't been any posts.  We have also put up Christmas lights and our little Christmas tree.  We opted out of the big tree this year because the small tree has been tempting enough!  She has already tipped it over on herself several times and we are concerned about the damage a bigger tree would do! It's very cute though!  She loves all the lights and in the evening she will stand, looking out the window at the neighbor's house.  They have a very impressive light show that starts around 7 every evening that Scarlett LOVES!   That is about all the new news, but since I never posted pictures last time I hope you enjoy all the pics with this post!  Sorry they didn't come sooner!!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Too long since our last post!!!!!!

Hello everyone!  My apologies for the absence of posts over the last couple months.  We have been very busy.  As some of you know we have moved back to Indiana!  This was a very LONG drawn out process, but we have finally moved into a house that we hope will be ours for the rest of our lives!  I never want to move again!!!!

Scarlett has been doing very well!  She is getting so big and is SOOOOO much fun!  She just recently started repeating some of the words that we say.  One of my favorites is Poo.  She will let me know when she has a dirty diaper by announcing "poo" to the room, I can't get enough of it!  She also likes to say her letters.  She is particularly good at saying "m", "n", and "o" and the little face she makes while saying the letters is so darn cute!  Another favorite she says is "boom boom boom" which was inspired by the "Black eye Peas" song, "Boom Boom Pow"  She heard the song once and ever since, boom boom boom, has stuck!  Scarlett has also had her first real Halloween.  She dressed up as an elephant.  She was by far the cutest elephant I have ever seen!!!! Other then that she has been doing her normal little girl stuff.  Playing outside, harassing Daisy and Layla (our dogs) and enjoying exploring our new home.  I will try to post some pictures soon!  And will get into a normal routine of keeping everyone up to date!

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving if we don't post before then!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Scarlett on her laptop in the car!  She has very important stuff to do!
First time at the beach!

The beach is tiring! 


Someone wasn't feeling well...

When you aren't feeling well you need to nap with Mommy and your puppies!

I have a WHAT on my head?!?!?!


Reading in my chair!

I wear my sunglasses at night....



     Well since Scarlett's birthday we have been very busy!  She is getting so big and is no longer our baby!  She loves to walk and play all by herself, in fact would prefer walking to being carried or pushed in the stroller.  She is also starting to talk a little bit.  She will say Dada, Wa Wa, and Eeeeee during a walk means tree!  She loves to point out the trees to me!  She is such a good girl and Mommy and Daddy love her soooo much!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Scarlett is 1!!!!

Scarlett's Birthday cupcakes- made by Mommy

Scarlett at 1 year old!  Such a CUTIE!
     Yesterday our baby Scarlett turned one!  It is amazing how quickly the past year has flown by!  We have had a lot of firsts this past year.  Scarlett was born, shortly after we had our first earthquake and our first hurricane!  Then there is of course all of the firsts that come with having a baby in general.  Her first time sitting, crawling, babbling, eating real food, and walking!  The joys of having a baby wrapped up with that same precious one needing life saving surgeries has made this last year the hardest most emotional year of my life.  Now as we start a new year I can't help but look forward to all of the new firsts we will experience with our precious daughter.  I am so excited to watch our little Scarlett Rose grow!

Scarlett, Mommy and Daddy love you SOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!  Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Scarlett 11 months old

I love the merry-go-round!

Special Delivery!!!

Shorts on my head?!?!!?

What a mischievous little face!

I love the little foot up!

Happy girl!

piggy tails!
     Scarlett is now 11 months old.  I cannot believe how fast the time has gone!  This month it really hit me that our little girl is becoming a toddler!  She is no longer our little "baby".  She is such a good little girl though and at such a fun stage!  Recently she has learned to climb the stairs.  We spend all day just going up and down the stairs!  She also loves pushing her walker!  She is sooooo close to walking, I'm sure any time now she will just take off!  Another big milestone we recently hit is that her hair is long enough for pigtails!  Oh how we love our little girl!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

CHOP Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Family Reunion

   So this past weekend (June 24th, 2011) was CHOP's Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Center's family reunion.  Aaron, Scarlett, and I made the two hour trip to Philly to join in the festivities.  It was a great day of seeing other families who have been blessed by having CHOP in their lives!  It was also great to see some of the Dr.'s that worked with us.  We got to see the echocardiographer that took sooooo many pictures of Scarlett pre-birth and the Dr. that delivered Scarlett!  There were also nurses from the SDU, which was where Scarlett was delivered, but I did not see any of the nurses that cared for us specifically.  Here are some pictures of our day! 

This is right when we arrived

Here is Scarlett wearing the shirt they gave her!

The back of the shirt!

Scarlett and Mommy waiting to ride the carousel

Scarlett's first carousel ride!

She loved it!

What a great day!!!

More big smiles, if you look closely you can see all four top teeth!

Family photo from the reunion!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Went to visit CHOP Monday June 18, 2012 and other updates

     This past Monday we made a trip up to CHOP.  We had an appointment to be seen by the NeuroCardiac Care Program (NCCP).  This program is one that tracks Scarlett's development.  When we go for a NCCP visit we see her Cardiologist, a Neurologist, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist and a Physical Therapist.  Everyone had great things to say about Scarlett!  She is on or above schedule for everything except speech.  We were concerned about her speech going in, but the Neurologist said it is not a big deal at this time.  It seems that Scarlett has been more concerned with trying to get around and less concerned about her verbal skills.  Still Aaron and I are holding our breath waiting for that little mouth to say the sweetest things possible!  (Dada and Mama!!!)  Otherwise Scarlett is doing wonderfully!  She is such a sweet little girl!  She frequently gives kisses randomly throughout the day.  It melts my heart when she grabs my face so she can plant one on me!  Oh how we LOVE that little girl! 

     This coming weekend (June 24th) we will be heading back to CHOP.  This time it will be an only fun outing- NO Dr. VISITS!  This weekend is CHOP's annual Fetal Diagnosis get together.  It is a time for all the families that had been followed by CHOP since before the delivery of their children.  I am so looking forward to this!  It will be great to see the families that share a love for CHOP and hear all of the amazing stories that started under the same roof!  It will also be great for Scarlett to visit the hospital for something fun!  Although I know she is really too young (but won't be for too much longer) to correlate the hospital as a scary/ uncomfortable place, functions like this will allow her to see the full spectrum of what they do, why she goes there, and have a little fun while she is there! 

     As far as everything else is concerned, we have found a place of residency and are adjusting nicely.  We still hope we are not here for too long and that we will soon be able to relocate to Indiana!  Until then though, we at least have a clean, comfy place to stay!  We will keep you updated and as always I will try to write a little more frequently!

Here are some recent pictures for your enjoyment!!!

Scarlett in her cute bow Aunt Donna made for her!

Scarlett and Mommy!

Another cute bow courtesy of Aunt Donna!

Daddy lovin' on a little girl

Getting ready to get in her pool that Grammy got her

This pool is AWESOME!!!!!!!

Sitting in the rocking chair at Grandma's

Bath time!  I just LOVE the water!!!!!!