Sunday, December 4, 2011

Getting back in the groove!

 Scarlett has started to roll to try and get her toys! 
It's very cute, she's pretty persistent about it!

Clean Baby!  Oh how we LOVE bath time!
Scarlett in her church dress!  It's very festive!

Scarlett helping Mommy bake some cookies.  She was very curious about the mixer, but such a great sous chef!

    Other then what you see in the pictures above, this week was spent getting back to normal.  Scarlett had been off schedule since her hospital stay, she had gotten used to being woken up every couple hours to get vitals checked and what-not.  Anyway, since we have been home we have seen both the cardiologist and the pediatrician.  Everyone says she is looking good.  The cardiologist had an echo done this past week to make sure that there wasn't any fluid around her heart from the surgery.  All looked well and she said the function looked really good too!  The only concern both doctors have is about her weight, so pray that our little munchkin starts packing on the pounds!  Too bad she can't help eat those cookies!  :o)     

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