Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb. 14- Feb 20, 2012

Scarlett has had a pretty good week. She got to celebrate her first Valentine's Day! We also had a Dr. appt. with her pediatrician. He said Scarlett is still having an allergic reaction to mother's milk so we have started her on formula only. We are kinda bummed about it since we would really like her to get all the wonderful benefits of mother's milk, but at least she got 6 months of it! We also saw her cardiologist and had an echo done. This echo was supposed to be a sedated echo, except no one informed me of that so it ended up being a regular one. Scarlett did pretty well for an almost 7 month old who has to lay pretty still. She was very interested in the process and all of the gadgets being used. The Cardiologist said everything is looking really good!
Otherwise Scarlett is doing very well as well. She is rolling like crazy! She has learned that that is a way to get around to things that she wants and uses it as her mode of transportation. She also is trying very hard to sit up from a laying position. She can almost make it, but not quit there yet. She does very well sitting by herself once you help her up though.

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