Friday, February 1, 2013

No videos :o(, but some more pics :o)!!!

     Okay, so I still have not figured out what is up with the video uploader (We are still working on it!)  But here are some pictures of our little girl.  These are her 18 month pictures!  She is getting so big and is sooooo much fun!  We couldn't love our little girl any more!!!!

Mischievous?!?!  I think SO!

So precious!

Happy little girl!

Hey, my name starts with "S"!!!!!


Totally UNIMUSED!!!  Are we done with the pictures mom?!?!

Playing on the stairs...

 Scarlett riding her pony!

Also just a side note remember it is now February, Heart Awareness Month!  Wear red to support all of those with heart diseases/ heart defects!!! 

Heart Hugs to all the Heart Families out there!!!  Much love from us to you!


  1. I love the pony! Such a cute picture! When's Daddy gonna get her a real pony?

  2. Thanks, Lol, probably as soon as she can ask for one!! Too bad we don't really have the land for it... Oh well, for now she is happy with her little rocking horse, and he talks/ sings to her!