Monday, May 20, 2013

Some pictures of our beautiful girl!

Again, sorry there has not been a post in a while.  I have been thinking about it often, but didn't want to update the blog until I had all the information.  Well, it seems I will be waiting a while longer for everything that I wanted, so I thought I would just give everyone a quick update along with some pictures until I get the rest of the information...  So, in April we saw Scarlett's cardiologist.  Scarlett's echoes have been good, but the last couple months I have noticed Scarlett's O2 saturations dropping and of course wanted to see what the cardiologist thought/ how concerned Aaron and I should be about it.  She informed us that we will need to move Scarlett's surgery up.  Now up until this point we were waiting for Scarlett to gain enough weight, as we were told she needed to weigh at least 30 pounds, to be ready for her third heart surgery (the Fontan).  So of course Aaron and I had put the surgery out of our heads (as much as you can anyway) because we knew our 20 pound child would never reach 30 pounds by the summer (since this surgery isn't as urgent as the past they do it in the summer to avoid the "sick" months/ flu season).  Of course in true Scarlett fashion, she had other plans, and I guess just wants to get it over with!  So we will be traveling to Philly sometime this summer so she can have the surgery.  We have not been given a date yet, but I will update everyone as soon as I can.  Otherwise we would really appreciate any prayers anyone has to offer!

Now for some fun stuff, here are some of Scarlett's pictures!  :o)

Scarlett 20 months/ Easter 2012


Easter bunny Glasses!

Scarlett 21 Months Old
Pretty Girl!

This is Scarlett's "Snorty" face!

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