Thursday, August 8, 2013

Getting back into the swing of things!

  Well, we have been home for a couple weeks now and Scarlett is doing wonderfully!  She has had follow up appointments with her local cardiologist and her pediatrician.  During the cardiology appointment Scarlett had to get yet another chest x-ray to see if there was still fluid in/ around her lungs.  The x-ray came back clean with NO FLUID!!!  This is great news and means that we can start to wean her off of her diuretics that she currently has to take.  When she left the hospital she was on three diuretics that she had to take twice a day, she is down to two and one of them she only has to take once a day.  It will be so nice when she doesn't have to take them anymore as she has decided that taking medicine is not fun!  She also seems to notice if I put it in ANY food and will not even try a bite if she senses the meds are in there!

On another note she has been doing really well verbally!  Scarlett has started to whip out two word phrases and even a couple, three to four word sentences!  This thrills Mommy and Daddy!  She will gladly say "Hi Dada/Mom" upon arrival!  It is so sweet to get a welcoming like that!  She also likes to play ball with our dog Boo.  She will throw the ball and say "Get ball Boo!".  Every now and then she even throws in, the, to make it "Get the ball Boo!".   We have also started to try potty training.  Before Scarlett's surgery she was showing signs that she was ready, but I wanted to wait until after surgery so she would not become frustrated while in the hospital.  She has gone potty a couple times, but doesn't seem too interested in it so far.  Today I got some M&M's for a potty reward to peak her interest a little bit!  She LOVES M&M's, I guess we'll see just how much!

Otherwise here are some pictures of our beautiful little girl.

Scarlett and her Birthday Cake!

Just kickin' back drinkin a baba with Daddy!


What a cutie!

Always take time to stop and smell the flowers...

and then lounge in the grass! 

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