Friday, October 28, 2011

Oct. 24-Oct. 28 2011

 This week, Monday we went for a little family hike at a local park.  It was a beautiful fall day, a little chilly, but nice and sunny!  We bundled Scarlett up in her cozy pink bear coat, she was very warm and comfy, and slept most of the time.
     Tuesday I finally got my tattoo!  It took a while for me to decide what I wanted, but I finally drew up the heart pictured above.  The inspiration behind the heart is the "Awareness Ribbon" for CHD. The heart is colored half red and half blue to resemble the ribbon.

     The rest of the week has been fairly unexciting.  Today we started adding formula to Scarlett's milk so that she can get more calories and gain a good amount of weight before her December 13th surgery. 

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