Monday, November 14, 2011

Nov. 7- Nov. 14, 2011

     This week Mon.- Thurs. weren't too exciting.  We did our normal doctor visit (this week we visited the pediatrician) and our normal errands.  Other than that we stayed home and read our books and played.  On Thursday night though Uncle Joe and Aunt Rebekah came to meet Scarlett for the first time!  Scarlett loved meeting her Aunt and Uncle and had a great time with them!  On Saturday we all ventured out to the Maryland State Cross Country meet, in which Aaron's Uncle Dan's team was running.  It was a beautiful day and Uncle Dan's team ended up winning first place!  After the meet we all went and had some pizza at Aaron's cousin's house.  Scarlett enjoyed watching the kids run around.  It won't be long until Scarlett can run and play too!!!

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