Monday, November 21, 2011

Scarlett's echo update.

The attending Dr. explained to us very well what is going on. The flow across Scarlett's aortic valve looks good, the same as it did pre-op. The valve is still "mildly stenotic," which means fatter than it should be, but since the flow is good there is no concern. What sounded way more concerning to Mom and Dad was that the main part of the surgery, the connection from Superior Vena Cava to the Pulmonary Artery, was "narrowed." The Dr. explained that this can happen because it's a surgical connection, not a natural connection, etc. She said that given Scarlett's recovery and stats, this is not a cause for concern and likely will never be. After all, she says, Scarlett is the boss of us and will tell us when we need to get concerned! Daddy loved that comment. Here's a picture of her from a minute ago. We love you Scarlett!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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