Monday, June 25, 2012

CHOP Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Family Reunion

   So this past weekend (June 24th, 2011) was CHOP's Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Center's family reunion.  Aaron, Scarlett, and I made the two hour trip to Philly to join in the festivities.  It was a great day of seeing other families who have been blessed by having CHOP in their lives!  It was also great to see some of the Dr.'s that worked with us.  We got to see the echocardiographer that took sooooo many pictures of Scarlett pre-birth and the Dr. that delivered Scarlett!  There were also nurses from the SDU, which was where Scarlett was delivered, but I did not see any of the nurses that cared for us specifically.  Here are some pictures of our day! 

This is right when we arrived

Here is Scarlett wearing the shirt they gave her!

The back of the shirt!

Scarlett and Mommy waiting to ride the carousel

Scarlett's first carousel ride!

She loved it!

What a great day!!!

More big smiles, if you look closely you can see all four top teeth!

Family photo from the reunion!

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