Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Went to visit CHOP Monday June 18, 2012 and other updates

     This past Monday we made a trip up to CHOP.  We had an appointment to be seen by the NeuroCardiac Care Program (NCCP).  This program is one that tracks Scarlett's development.  When we go for a NCCP visit we see her Cardiologist, a Neurologist, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist and a Physical Therapist.  Everyone had great things to say about Scarlett!  She is on or above schedule for everything except speech.  We were concerned about her speech going in, but the Neurologist said it is not a big deal at this time.  It seems that Scarlett has been more concerned with trying to get around and less concerned about her verbal skills.  Still Aaron and I are holding our breath waiting for that little mouth to say the sweetest things possible!  (Dada and Mama!!!)  Otherwise Scarlett is doing wonderfully!  She is such a sweet little girl!  She frequently gives kisses randomly throughout the day.  It melts my heart when she grabs my face so she can plant one on me!  Oh how we LOVE that little girl! 

     This coming weekend (June 24th) we will be heading back to CHOP.  This time it will be an only fun outing- NO Dr. VISITS!  This weekend is CHOP's annual Fetal Diagnosis get together.  It is a time for all the families that had been followed by CHOP since before the delivery of their children.  I am so looking forward to this!  It will be great to see the families that share a love for CHOP and hear all of the amazing stories that started under the same roof!  It will also be great for Scarlett to visit the hospital for something fun!  Although I know she is really too young (but won't be for too much longer) to correlate the hospital as a scary/ uncomfortable place, functions like this will allow her to see the full spectrum of what they do, why she goes there, and have a little fun while she is there! 

     As far as everything else is concerned, we have found a place of residency and are adjusting nicely.  We still hope we are not here for too long and that we will soon be able to relocate to Indiana!  Until then though, we at least have a clean, comfy place to stay!  We will keep you updated and as always I will try to write a little more frequently!

Here are some recent pictures for your enjoyment!!!

Scarlett in her cute bow Aunt Donna made for her!

Scarlett and Mommy!

Another cute bow courtesy of Aunt Donna!

Daddy lovin' on a little girl

Getting ready to get in her pool that Grammy got her

This pool is AWESOME!!!!!!!

Sitting in the rocking chair at Grandma's

Bath time!  I just LOVE the water!!!!!!

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