Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 10, 2013, MRI/ Cath Day...

Today we got some GREAT news!!!  We had gone to the hospital this morning prepared for a heart MRI and Cath.  When we got there they prepped Scarlett and took her back for the MRI.  During the MRI we talked to the Cardiologist that would be doing her cath and he informed us that depending on the pictures they got during the MRI she may not need the cath.  We didn't really see that as a possibility and just prepared ourselves for the cath.  About an hour and a half after they took Scarlett back our nurse came to inform us that the MRI was done and the doctors didn't see any reason to do the cath!  They had gotten all of the images necessary with the MRI and the echo that was done yesterday!  We are THRILLED!!!  This also means that since she didn't need the cath she gets to come home for the night, instead of staying in the hospital for the night!  With all of that good news today was the hardest by far for me (Mommy) watching my little girl go under anesthesia was EXTREMELY hard!  What an amazingly strong little girl we have!

We would like to thank EVERYONE that is praying for us, your prayers are obviously being heard!      

Here is a picture of Scarlett Pre MRI!


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  1. Praise God!!! Praying for you all, Aaron, Vickie & Little Star. Much love your way.
    -Allison Palmer