Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Recovery takes time...

Scarlett is still doing OK, in fact her and Mommy are getting in a good nap right now.  She had a little fall while walking to the playroom, but nothing major as far as we could tell.  She got her first post-op echo today so the Dr's can look at heart function.  We were also told that her chest tube cannot come out today because she is still draining too much fluid.  The doctors basically told us that they can't do anything but wait for the drainage to subside, which means our stay here in the hospital will most likely extend until at least next week.  Overall, Scarlett is getting better, but still has some pain/constipation problems, so please pray for her!  Mommy and Daddy are just doing everything they can to help her feel better and better.  We love you sweetheart!

I will try to upload a picture or two later this afternoon.


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