Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our trip to Philly


Our road trip to Philly begins!  The weather was gloomy and there was a long road ahead of us, very much like our emotional state at the time!  We had decided to stay at a hotel about 75% of the way to rest for the night.  Scarlett LOVED the hotel!  We had some pizza and went to bed.  The sleep didn't last long, Scarlett woke up about 1:00 AM and was wide awake! 


After four hours of laying around we decided to hop in the car and head to CHOP.  We arrived at CHOP about an hour and a half early and checked in.  We saw all the doctors and were released for the day. This visit was just a regular visit for them to check her development.  When we stepped out of the Cardiac Center into the lobby Grammy and Grampi were there to greet us.  We then went to unpack some of our things at the apartment where Daddy, Grammy and Grampi will stay, and went to get some dinner.  After dinner we parted ways with Grammi and Grampi and went to stay with Mrs. Cindy for the night.  THANK YOU CINDY!!!!!  We pretty much went to sleep right away, we were all exhausted from our LONG day!


After a restful night of sleep we woke up to get ready to head back to CHOP.  We were scheduled for Scarlett's pre-surgery visit.  During this visit we saw a nurse practitioner that explained the MRI and Catheterization that is scheduled for Wednesday, had and EKG, Echo, Chest X-ray, and had to get some blood drawn.  Scarlett did very well during her visit!  It is amazing to me how much one little girl can take!  She is one tough cookie! 
Now we are resting and gearing up for another long day at the hospital tomorrow.  Tomorrow we will get to the hospital nice and early to prep for her heart MRI and Cath.  Once she is done with the Cath. she will remain in the hospital until they discharge her after surgery.  Here are some pics of our sweet little "Lovie"!   

Scarlett in the recycle bin at the apartment!

Scarlett and her Ice Cream face at the hospital today!

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