Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First days by ourselves

     Yesterday was the first day Scarlett and I (Mommy) were left alone while daddy went back to work.  Yesterday went off without a hitch.  Scarlett and I went grocery shopping and then Scarlett napped the afternoon away while I caught up on some cleaning and other various chores.
     Today started out just fine.  A little girl was wide awake so it became bath time.  Scarlett usually doesn't like her baths, but today she stayed calm for most of her bath and only became irritated when I had to put her back in the bath to clean her off because she decided to potty in her towel while I was drying her off.  After her bath I then weighed her. (since she was already naked)  She weighed in at 6lbs 10.4oz.  After getting her lotion-ed and dressed we were hungry so we both had a little lunch!  Then came time for a walk.  Just as we were about to leave we felt the house start shaking!  Yes, there was an earthquake!  Of course there would be a natural disaster the first week I am alone with the baby! :o)  Luckily the earthquake was not too bad.  No injuries or damages, so we are very blessed!  We took our walk, stopping to talk to the neighbors about the earthquake as we went.  After we got home Scarlett was pretty sleepy so she laid down for a little nap.  We will see what day 3 has in store for us tomorrow.  Hopefully it will be a little less eventful!!!

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