Thursday, August 4, 2011

We had a good night

     Scarlett and Mommy had a good, but tiring night!  Scarlett ate pretty well throughout the night and we all got a little bit of sleep!  This morning her doctors came around for rounds and said tomorrow is probably the day we get to go home!!! (unless Scarlett decides not to eat today, or something else pops up)  After rounds I gave Scarlett her injection. (a second try for mommy, last night's attempt was HORRIBLE!!!!)  The nurse was very helpful today and we did a good job, Scarlett didn't even cry!  She has had her bottle for the morning and is now going to test her sitting in her car seat for the length of time that she will need to be in it to get home!  While she sleeps Daddy and I are going to go get some breakfast!

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