Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Well, doesn't look like we get to go home soon after all.

Scarlett still has to get her heart cath today, and the nurse practitioner just stopped by to burst our bubble.  The nurse yesterday led us to believe we could go home by Wed., but now the nurse prac. says we'll be lucky if we get Monday of next week.  Apparently Scarlett's feeding isn't good enough, she isn't getting enough calories, and may need formula supplements.  This is pretty much upsetting to us because up until the little meeting we just had, they had also not mentioned any issues with her feeding at all....


  1. We learned that until you sign the discharge papers, don't get your hopes up. Hoping that Scarlett's feeding/weight gain increases and you can get outta there. Has Scarlett had a speech therapy consult or nutrition consult yet? Zoe received fortified breast milk to help her gain and it worked like a champ. Hang in there mom and dad!

  2. We met with the nutrition counselor, but no speech therapy. It looks like we will also fortify our milk and I will also start pumping and feeding Scarlett hindmilk. Hopefully that will do the trick! Thank you so much for your kind words and support!!! :o)

  3. Yeah, thanks Stacey. We're hangin'!!!! -Dad.