Monday, August 1, 2011

Scarlett is in the CCU.

The Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) Nurse mentioned the words "discharge plan" today.  Boy was that nice to hear.  We may have a "plan" by the end of the day.  Everyone is still exhausted, but doing well.  Scarlett looks great and her O2 stats are very solid at around 87.  Right now the plan is to make sure Scarlett is ready for life outside the hospital which means breastfeeding from Mama!  Mama and Scarlett are presently both napping in Scarlett's new room.  She has one roommate, Zoey.  It's a bit of an odd setup, but the room Scarlett is in now holds two baby "cribs", and two small areas for families to sit around their child.  Our roommate's family has little kids, which always adds to the fun.  We aren't bothered though.  We understand what an amazing blessing little kids are.

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