Monday, August 1, 2011

Scarlett's all settled in the CCU

     Like Aaron said Scarlett is all settled into the CCU as of today.  We got to be a lot more hands on with her doing all of her feedings and most of her diaper changes!  It was a very busy day for our little girl!  She got an echo and I also gave her her first bath.  She did not like it! She had several doctors in and out throughout the day telling us about her upcoming procedure.  Tomorrow Scarlett will undergo a Heart Catheterization.  This is a test where they will put a catheter in her groin and be able to get a good look at what her heart is doing.  They like to do this before they send the baby home.  If everything goes well then we may be out of the hospital VERY soon!!!  
     On another note, I have to brag on my man a little bit!  Aaron has been such a GREAT support during this time!  And a WONDERFUL daddy (he even changed his first diaper today, and it was a stinky one!!!)!  I could not be more proud of my Hubby!  I Love you Aaron Daniel!!!! 

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