Wednesday, July 13, 2011

13 July 2011 Continued

As Aaron mentioned we were at CHOP today.  First on the agenda was an anatomy scan.  It was fairly quick and the doctors were very happy with Scarlett's growth since the last visit.  Scarlett is still small for her age, (she will be 37 weeks gestation tomorrow and weighs in a little over 5lbs)  but the doctors are fine with her size due to her heart condition.  Unfortunately Scarlett was hiding her face so they couldn't get any 3D pictures!  :o(  After the anatomy scan we quickly met with the OB team and then it was off to the echo.  Again the echo was pretty quick this time, only about 20-30 minutes for the whole process, but our echocardiographer got all the pictures that were necessary for the cardiologist to see that Scarlett's heart looks the same. No new news!!!  Last on the agenda was a stop at the lab.  Again as Aaron mentioned this was the longest most painful part of the trip due to the craziness that ensued in the waiting room!  We sat for about 45 minutes and then it was finally our turn!  We will visit the hospital next Wednesday to see the OB team again.  At that point they will check me, and if everything looks favorable they may start the induction process a little earlier than we had anticipated.  We shall see....... 


  1. no cervical check? or maybe you just didn't want to divulge.... ;-)
    love you guys!

  2. no cervical check yet, next week! Hoping for some progress!