Saturday, July 16, 2011

16 July 2011

     Today was a pretty good Saturday.  We got up and around by noon and decided to do some quick grocery shopping for the week.  When we got home we went out to the basketball court and I watched Aaron shoot some hoops while we waited for his brother, David to arrive.  Once David got here he and Aaron played some basketball one on one.  After a couple games we all went inside so that the guys could shower and get ready to head into town.  We decided that we would go and try some Philly Cheese steaks and heard that Pat's or Geno's were the best in town.  They are conveniently located across the street from each other so we didn't have to decide which one we wanted to try until we arrived.  Upon arrival we decided we would try Geno's because the signage was so much more flamboyant.  We each got a cheese steak and sat down to eat.  We all agreed that Geno's was very good, but Aaron and David thought that they could eat more so we decided that we would head to Pat's and Aaron and David would split one of Pat's Cheese steaks to decide who they thought was Philadelphia's best.  After they finished their cheese steak from Pat's they both agreed that they liked Geno's best.
     With full stomachs we then thought that we would take a walk through Love Park.  We of course had to drive there first.  Love Park is "conveniently" located somewhere in the middle of town, so finding a parking spot was less that pleasant!  After circling the block a couple times we finally found a spot that we could park and walk a block or so to the park.  The park contains the LOVE statue with the LO stacked on top of the VE.  Upon arrival we saw that part of the park was closed off due to a play being put on in the middle of the park.  We walked around the area roped off for the play and found a big pool like fountain.  We sat for a while with our feet hanging into the water.  After resting for a while we took some pictures in front of the "LOVE Statue" and then decided to walk around a little more to see what we could see.  We hadn't walked too far when we saw some skateboarders doing some tricks in a sitting area outside one of the buildings in town.  We watched them for a couple of minutes and then headed back to the car.  We then headed back to the house for the night.  

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