Tuesday, July 26, 2011

26 July 2011

     Today our friend Brian came up to visit us and tour Philadelphia.  We had a great time touring Philadelphia near Independence Square.  First we started on South St. to try the last of the "Best of Philly" cheese steaks at Jim's.  Jim's was very good and definitely one of the best in Philly.  After lunch we headed toward Independence Square.  We were going to try and tour Independence Hall, but unfortunately we were too late to get some tickets.  Instead we sat in the little park in Independence Square for a while and just took in the view.  After sitting there for a while we decided to head on down the street to see the Liberty Bell.  We hopped in a long line and waited to get into the building where the Liberty Bell is housed.  Once we were done taking all of our touristy pictures around the Liberty Bell we went on down the street to where we took a walking tour through the U.S. Mint building.  I liked walking through the mint and seeing how all the coins are made.  While walking through the building you get to see the whole process of coins being made.  From the sheets of metal that they start out as right down to the coins that we use daily.  It was especially neat to see all the coins in their bins sparkling getting ready to be distributed throughout the U.S.  By the end of our tour it was getting late so we headed back and got some dinner.  Now after a long day of walking it's time to snuggle up and watch some TV! 

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