Wednesday, July 13, 2011

13 July 2011

Well I was woken up by a very loud alarm clock today, which did NOT make me happy.  I drove to the CHOP appointment feeling drugged, beaten, and run over by a truck, not necessarily in that order.  Vickie almost had to drag me out of bed.  The trip itself wasn't so bad, 10 miles of town traffic and constant traffic lights isn't necessarily fun either.  When  I pulled past the guard who looks official and makes sure you say 'Yeah, I've got an appointment' (duh, I have a pregnant lady in the passenger seat), I said: "Yup, I've got an appointment."  We then found a nice parking spot; I of course pulled up too far and bumped the license plate into the concrete wall of the parking garage, though I don't think it did any damage.  Fun times.

Then I dozed during the anatomy scan and the fetal echo.  Reports on each were positive, no new news.  The Doctors confirmed that we would not need another fetal echo; the next echo will take place after the baby is born.  Supposedly next week we will get to meet the surgeon who will operate on Scarlett.

Definitely the most painful part of today has been waiting for Vickie to get her blood drawn on the 3rd floor.  It's packed with families, crying babies, and crazy little kids.  I can't wait to get out of here and drive in city traffic!  Yep, that just happened.  I said "I can't wait to get out of here and drive in city traffic."

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