Sunday, July 31, 2011

OK! Scarlett had a great night!

Her nurse updated Mama throughout the night as Daddy and his brother were sprawled out on the couch and air mattress (thanks for making it up to see us all Jer!).  At least some rest was had by all.  Scarlett's O2 stat is around 85, and she was eating mother's milk even FASTER than the nurse had anticipated, which means she will run out by 0930 this morning.  Good thing we are getting there at about 0800!!  I don't plan to lug my computer around now since we have been kicked out of the SDU (Mom is no longer a patient), but we will update this when possible.  Thanks so much to everyone for continued prayers and support.  Thanks specially to Brian & Courte, and Chris & Liz who have opened up their homes to mommy, daddy, and their parents!!!!!!!  Their hospitality has been an overwhelming and truly reviving refreshment.  We know we are blessed.  -A

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